Where I Stand
on important issues

Standing Up for Our Georgia Values

Commissioner Ralph Hudgens is a proud advocate for our Georgia values. Pro-life, pro-Second Amendment, and pro-traditional marriage, Commissioner Hudgens is an unashamed conservative Republican with the faith and work ethic necessary to lead Georgia forward.

Helping Georgia Residents to Find the Right Insurance

From public service announcements to a user-friendly website and Facebook Page with tips and reminders, Commissioner Hudgens is working hard to ensure that Georgia residents have the right insurance coverage when they need it the most.

Whether it’s automobile, renter’s, or traveler’s insurance, Commissioner Hudgens is committed to giving consumers the necessary information to make the right decision for their family or business

Keeping Our Families Safe from Natural and Man-Made Disasters

Keeping Georgia’s families safe is a responsibility that Ralph Hudgens takes very seriously. The father of four and a grandfather to twelve, Commissioner Hudgens values family and works diligently to protect life.

To protect our children from natural disasters like floods and hurricanes, Hudgens will continue to partner with Georgia-based companies like Home Depot to host Hurricane Preparedness Expos throughout the state.

To prevent tragedy at home, Hudgens will double down on his “Operation Safe Home” initiative, which donates hundreds of smoke alarms to the disadvantaged, and will continue to travel the state to perform safety seminars, especially in the weeks leading up to holidays like the Fourth of July and New Year’s.

Working to Protect Consumers

In 2013, Commissioner Hudgens helped over four thousand Georgia consumers settle disputes with their insurance companies totaling almost 5 million dollars. Commissioner Hudgens is a consumer advocate and can be trusted to stand up and fight for us.

The growth of technology, especially online, has led to an increase risk of complex scams and fraudulent activity. Insurance Commissioner, Ralph Hudgens will continue to protect consumers from fraud by keeping a sharp eye on scammers trying to take advantage of the vulnerable.

Monitoring the Implementation of ObamaCare in Georgia

In light of President Obama’s new healthcare law, individual insurance premiums will skyrocket for Georgia consumers in the coming years. While Commissioner Hudgens cannot single handedly repeal this disastrous legislation, he will work to hold insurance companies accountable during this pivotal transition and will continue to work with Georgia’s congressional delegation to protect consumers and businesses from additional taxes and burdensome mandates.


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